Being on the Cusp

I haven’t written a blog post for a while and last night I bumped into somebody (you know who are) who told me how much she gained from reading my blogs. It made me stop and consider that whilst my mind was immediately making excuses for not writing (e.g. starting some new part-time work, emptyContinue reading “Being on the Cusp”

Giving Old Scars New Life Through An Empathetic Lens

When something that causes us pain is hidden away for so long, its depth and intensity deepens. Covered under layers of emotion, physical and psychological scars left untreated, can take root in such a way that they develop a pain all of their own, one that’s driven by a longing to be set free. TheContinue reading “Giving Old Scars New Life Through An Empathetic Lens”

The Therapeutic Power of Touch

We experience the power of touch when we take our first breath and enter this world. Upon leaving our mother’s body we experience the sensation of being touched by another human being; something so powerful and vitally important, that as humans, we’re unable to develop and thrive without it. The benefits of personal touch fromContinue reading “The Therapeutic Power of Touch”

Light Someone’s Path This Week

Do you ever feel like your light’s lost its glimmer? Is there something or someone who makes you burn less brightly? The answer to this is probably ‘yes’ unless you’re a robot. If we’re honest with ourselves, each of us experiences the loss of our light from time to time and it’s no wonder; life’s pathContinue reading “Light Someone’s Path This Week”

Grabbing Fear by its Ankles in February

Hello February………’ve arrived.  I thought you were never going to get here; your neighbour to the left of you seemed to go on forever! Maybe it was to do with the resolutions lots of us placed upon ourselves at the start of last month, not to mention the dryness of it, if January without alcoholContinue reading “Grabbing Fear by its Ankles in February”