One-to-One Sessions

Accessing mindfulness meditation in a group setting is one way of developing the skills required to bring mindfulness and meditation into your life. However, sometimes bespoke one-to-one sessions may be more appropriate where a tailored approach is used to enable you to effectively embed mindfulness and meditation skills into your day-to-day life.

With an emphasis on the core principles of self-kindness and self-compassion, together we will explore a range of mindfulness techniques that will help you to feel supported and nurtured.

More specifically, one-to-one sessions can help with sleep problems, anxiety, and confidence issues. These sessions can also support the development of skills required for interviews, presentations, and other key events that require us to focus our attention in a specific way, in the present moment, so that unhelpful thought processes don’t hinder our progress.

Feeling apprehensive in the lead-up to challenging life events is completely normal and is part of the human condition but with mindfulness by our side, we can channel our awareness and attention in a way that is extremely beneficial in helping us to better support ourselves in a completely holistic way.

The cost of a one-to-one session is £50.00. If you are interested in accessing a package of sessions please get in touch via the Contact page.