Wellbeing Wednesdays

The Truffled Hog

Do you experience stress and anxiety, low mood, or poor sleep quality?

The human mind allows us to spend a lot of time overthinking and ruminating about past events or future events – things that haven’t happened yet, as well as being caught up in thoughts about the present. Would you like to develop skills to be able to enjoy more of the present moment? Would you like to develop your ability to direct self-kindness and self-compassion toward yourself? Are you willing to dedicate an hour a week to discover how we can integrate mindfulness and mindfulness meditation into our daily life to improve our emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing?

Come and join me in the relaxed environment of the private upper room in The Truffled Hog every Wednesday from 6.30pm-7.30pm.  Our mid-week gatherings provide an opportunity to discover how beneficial mindfulness and mindfulness meditation can be in helping us to feel more able to live our lives well and importantly to simply ‘be’ at whatever stage of life we are at.

Being human is complicated. In contrast, mindfulness and mindfulness meditation are simplistic in their approach providing a gentle antidote to the busyness of our minds. The present moment is all we have; learning to live in it well nurtures our wellbeing and our life. 

Please do get in touch via the Contact page if you would like to discuss taking part in the Wellbeing Wednesday sessions.

I was totally new to mindfulness and meditation before joining the Wellbeing Wednesdays group and I was a little worried about what it might entail but Laura put me immediately at ease. She has been so welcoming and has such a calming nature. I really look forward to her sessions every week and now I find myself using what we have learned each week in my daily life.